Employee Account Support

Security text field / reCAPTCHA

There is no security text field/image displayed and I can't sign in. Next to "Security text" it only has a note saying, "Demonstrate that you are a human visitor..."
Your web browser is probably blocking the security text field and image. To eliminate this problem, evaluate your browser settings:
  1. Ensure that JavaScript is enabled.
  2. Disable any browser extensions/add-on's you have installed that relate to blocking content like advertisements or JavaScript. Browser makers may provide help pages for managing extensions such as the pages for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
The image for the security text isn't clear enough to read or accessible to me.
Near the security text field are two icons that may help:
  • Example of refresh image icon Refresh image icon - This will request a new image that may be easier to read
  • Example of audio icon Audio icon - Using the audio playback of your computer or device you can listen to a series of spoken numbers that you will enter into the "Security text" field.
Why do I have to enter matching "security text" whenever I sign in or reset my password?
To reduce the risk of someone else guessing your password through automated means MCCCD requires that you enter security text that matches an image or audio challenge from Google's reCAPTCHA service.
I have other questions or problems with the security text field.
The reCAPTCHA service help page addresses many common issues.
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Problems signing in

Are the MEID and password fields case sensitive on the sign-in page?
The MEID field is not case-sensitive but the password field is case-sensitive.
The sign-in page is rejecting my MEID and password. What can I do?
  1. Confirm that your caps-lock is not accidentally enabled.
  2. Use the automated password reset tool. If you have set account recovery questions in the past then you will need to answer them correctly in order to reset your password.
  3. If the automated password reset tool is not allowing you to change your password then contact the technology support HelpDesk for your campus/location to request assistance. Go to the HelpDesk contact information page and scroll down to find your location.
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Account recovery questions

How do I change my account recovery questions?
Once signed in, look for the checkbox at the bottom of the "Password and Security" tab that is labeled "I want to set new recovery questions for my account along with my password change."
Must I change my account recovery questions every time I want to change my password?
No. You can change your password without changing your account recovery questions.
How can I make my challenge questions more secure?
A good challenge question and response is something very memorable for you but hard for others to guess.
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Editing my profile

Why can't I edit my phone number while other MCCCD employees can edit their numbers?
Some MCCCD locations manage phone numbers through an automated process so employees at those locations can't edit them manually.
Where does my mobile phone number appear?
It will appear to other employees in the Google Contacts profiles within Google Apps for Employees. It will not be visible to students within Google Apps for Maricopa Students, where your employee email address is published so students can contact faculty and staff at the correct email address. It does not appear in the directory search at http://www.maricopa.edu/employees which is accessible by anyone, but any work and fax phone numbers you add to your profile will appear there.
If I enter my mobile phone number in HRMS self service, will it appear in Google Apps for Employees?
"If you enter your Work telephone number in your Account Manager profile, it will be copied to HRMS as your work phone. However, mobile and home phone numbers entered in HRMS stay there and will not be transferred to your directory or Google contact information. If you use a District supplied cellphone or are comfortable making your mobile phone number available to fellow employees, then enter it in your Account Manager profile. If you prefer to only share your mobile phone number with your supervisor and/or immediate colleagues, then do that privately.
What happens when I specify a "Familiar name" under the "My Profile" tab?
Familiar name allows you to replace your legal first name (from HRMS) with another name. Currently familiar names are reflected in Google Employee contact profiles, but other MCCCD directory searches will reflect familiar names in the near future. Common examples are a shortened form of your name (Jim for James), your middle name if you go by that, initials such as "K.C.", or a nickname that your family, friends, and work peers know you by. Unusual name values or formatting may be flagged for review prior to being applied to your profile. Please do not enter prefixes, titles, suffixes such as Jr., or any portion of your legal last name, as this may prevent your familiar name from taking effect in the directory. A preview of the change labeled "Directory contact name" will update as you enter your familiar name value to show you the results.
What is a sub-site?
A sub-site indicates your location or site particularly if you have an office that is not at a main campus location., for example "Red Mountain", "GCC North", "Avondale", etc.
For the "Homepage URL" on my profile, what type of URL is appropriate for me to enter?
If your primary department has a web page, or you as a faculty member have a web page where students can obtain information, enter the URL address here. Personal interest, personal business, or non-MCCCD business links are not appropriate.
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Google service accounts

Can I change the password of a Google service email account (departmental or special purpose accounts)?
Google service email accounts are generic email inboxes set up with a name like "advisors@college.edu" rather than "MEID@college.edu". If the email service account has been assigned a Service MEID (MEID's that start with "SRV") and you have the current password for that Service MEID, then you may sign in to the Manage Account tool using that Service MEID, to change its password. Care should be taken to update the Service MEID password (and primary manager ID if appropriate) whenever an employee who knows the password leaves or changes jobs. See the discussion below regarding delegated vs. password sharing when multiple staff will need to use the service account.
How do I change the employee who is listed as the primary manager of the service account?
If the primary manager of a Service MEID account changes, their supervisor or an acting account manager will need to update the Manager ID and change the password on the account.
  1. Sign in with the Service account MEID and password.
  2. Enter the new manager's (or supervisor's, or acting/backup staff member's) employee MEID and continue to change the password..
  3. Save the new password and the primary account manager value will also be updated.
If a supervisor or interim staff MEID was entered, be sure to update the manager ID once a permanent replacement is hired and trained to manage the service account. This information will be used for system notifications and security alerts and is important to keep up to date.
How are Service MEID Google email accounts typically used?

Maricopa Service MEID accounts are tied to a specific Google for Employees email account that serves a departmental function or role that persists, independently of which particular employees have access to the service account. Service accounts can be accessed in two ways, by delegation or by password sharing.

Delegation is easier to administer since staff who are given delegated access do not need to know the Service MEID password, but delegated access does show the MEID of employees who reply or send from the service account in the message, visible to the recipients. Delegated users access the service account by selecting the account name from the drop-down list on their "Account of..." icon in the top right corner of the Gmail page, without having to log in separately to the service account, and see the Inbox of the account in a separate window or tab. For delegated accounts, only the account manager, their supervisor, or a backup staff member should have the Service MEID password. To review or update the list of delegated users currently linked to the service account, log in using the SRV MEID at "accounts.maricopa.edu" and use the email Settings » Accounts page under "Grant access to this account".

Password sharing (without delegation) keeps outgoing service account email anonymous and also has the benefit of having control over the default calendar associated with the service account in Google, which delegated access does not support. However if any staff member who knows the password changes roles or leaves, the password must be changed and communicated to all the service account users.

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